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We provide a vast portfolio of courses, created by our professionals or by well recognized companies in IT world

Penetration Testing

A Penetration Test is an intrusive type of assessment which simulates an attack by a malicious hacker.

Wireless and mobile

The aim of this type of assessment is to test for the existence or absence of vulnerabilities that are visible and exploitable through wireless networks and/or mobile devices.

Security Consulting

We deliver world-class offerings, security knowledge and experience to provide you with comprehensive information security.

Back in 2015, CyborgHawk Essentials was a serious competitor for the overwhelming Kali Linux. Although Indian former owner company, Ztrela, appears to be active as on April 13, 2019, according to Zauba Corp, their online activity and (former) employers and employees are nowhere to find.

In May 2019, after we published our first training course, we decided to revitalize the old brawler, giving it a better shape.

CyEnt LINUX has quite an extensive set of modifications based on a Ubuntu subsystem with its own bunch of security packages.

More than 750+ penetration testing tools included.

Exploitation Toolkit, Stress Testing, Reverse Engineering, Forensics, Mobile Security & Wireless Security.
Reliable and stable.

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The aim of this Assessment Module is to demonstrate the existence or absence of vulnerabilities in a given Web application providing internal or client facing services.


Brand name, trademark, information basis, strategy for promoting a future brand.

Linux SysAdmin

Linux administrators are back-end IT specialists who install, configure, and maintain Linux operating systems in a variety of organizations. This role involves server-side operations and troubleshooting tasks that support business-critical and development activities. 

Our work

About me - the man behind the idea

LINUX SysAdmim & Penetration Tester

Mihai Daniel Beuca: "Looking forward to innovation in everything I do, I've had gotten to start accomplishing my goals as a Cisco NetAcad enrolled. I found their academics were stunning different from regular Universities. That gave me both knowledge and a background for my further projects back then."


We're on the bleeding-edge

PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python
CCNA 1: Routing&Switching - Introduction to Networks
CCNA 2: Routing&Switching - Essentials
CCNA 3: Routing&Switching - Scalling Networks
CCNA 4: Routing&Switching - Connecting Networks
CCNA Security
CLA: Programming Essentials in C
CLP: Advanced Programming in C
CPA: Programming Essentials in C++
CPP: Advanced Programming in C++
Cybersecurity Essentials
Entrepreneurship - Cisco Networking Academy
Introduction to Cybersecurity
Introduction to IoT - Cisco Networking Academy
LPIC 1-101: Linux Server Professional
LPIC 1-102: Linux Server Professional
Linux Essentials Professional Development
Networking Essentials - Cisco Networking Academy

Pricing Table


$ 45 Project Contract Fee
  • Personal Use
  • Simple platforms
  • Email Support


$ 75 Project Contract Fee
  • Commercial Use
  • Up to 3 integrated apps/project
  • Email Support


Our story

Present -

Current Time

Nowadays, we offer to companies a range of services to connect with their consumers. We help them create a branding and promote it. If you want to increase your sales, contact us now.

2 june 2019

Special projects

More and more companies demanded the implementation of various projects, we expanded our staff to concentrate on this. We try to put all of our skills into AI. Agile development, design thinking or rapid prototyping are just some of our top-towers.

3 march 2019


The cyber security became more relevant, and many customers wanted to have their own experts at a glance with a unique pattern. We could not ignore this trend, as it was close to us in spirit.

1 September 2018

Our goal was established

Initially, the Freelance as A Service idea started when our founder accepted one the freelancing projects, which was the role of an IT Tech Support, back in 2016. It was a great 1st move, don't you think?




Working can be fun, so let's make it be!

Simina Selistean

Project Developer/Trainer

I will combine my love for arts, people and tech for your awesome product.

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